Consumer Directed Services

Now Offering Consumer Directed Services!

Adult Visionary Consumer Directed Services(CDS), Inc. was established and incorporated in the State of Missouri on October 29, 2012.


To provide and promote a comprehensive, coordinated and cost-effective continuum of long-term care options and protective services to our constituency.

 Mission Statement

Adult Visionary CDS provides support to families, disabled veterans and surviving spouses, parents seeking support services for their disabled young adult children, disabled adults who are in need of daily assistance in the home environment, and seniors age 65 years and older who are wanting to avoid nursing home placement, and continue living in their own homes with their own choice for caregivers.


At the core of our operations, Adult Visionary CDS, Inc. operates under the following operational philosophies:

  • We believe that the people we serve are valuable assets to their families and the greater St. Louis area.
  • We believe that we are privileged to serve all people without regard to race, religion, background or gender.
  • The service we provide to our clients should always be individually targeted to meet their personalized needs, and with respect and consideration of their personal beliefs and values.
  • Our services should allow our clients maximum rehabilitation, promote physical healing, while also granting them the maximum freedom, and make their living environment as unrestricted as possible.
  • We believe our clients’ services should promote their ability to live independently in the most integrated setting possible.